BreakAway TakeAways: Summer So(u)lstice Update

Posted on: Sunday, June 21st, 2009
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Some of my more devout readers have been saying, “Hey, Horse:  How come you don’t write much personal, emo-navel-gazing stuff lately, like you did before your BreakAway and while you were in the islands?”  Good question.  Maybe the answer is:  None of your business!

But that’s not nice, nor is life so simple.  So let’s dig deeper for 11 tidbits–and TakeAways–about my spiritual (?) post-Sabbatical life of late–an appropriate activity for my favorite day of the year, the Summer So(u)lstice.

  • Since coming back from the islands, life has resumed its kid-centric crazy-busy ways; this is my brilliant, yet often banal life, and I know many folks need not hear about it.
  • My feelings about that life and sked?  On good days (and seasons), it’s the bomb.  On bad days (and seasons), it’s the other bomb—that threatens to explode me, inside out. 
  • About BreakAways, before:  The most challenging yet motivating time is the prep and planning; one lives, reacts, and writes from the gut.
  • About BreakAways, during:  That’s the fun part—full of inspiration and life-changing moments (that may or may not matter in a matter of months). 
  • About BreakAways, after:  Sorry, it can suck.  Finding the new balance, leaving the thrills and hopes, getting a new (old) groove back; but YES, it’s so worth it.
  • About BreakAways, much after:  So now I’ve been back 4.5 months; life is good and summer is bliss, and somehow the Island BreakAway lives on inside like a happy secret. 
  • BreakAway TakeAway #1:  Time with kids while they’re still kids is the best gift around me right now, and I intend to bask and glow and grow in it. 
  • BreakAway TakeAway #2:  Sitting alone staring at water still soothes the soul. 
  • BreakAway TakeAway #3:  When I’m feeling dejected, I remember Islanders I got to know who, it seems, never let much get them down, and feel better. 
  • BreakAway TakeAway #4:  Everything is temporary; that’s not always welcome news, but does much to force faith in the flow of life—or else what? 
  • BreakAway TakeAway #5:  The past plays a big role in who we are—so packing your years with exciting escapades can be a great way to lead a rich inner life. 


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