The 11 Commandments of Fiscal Fitness

(Because ten is not enough)

For most folks, money (or lack thereof) is the primary stated reason why they can’t manage a BreakAway. It’s true that amassing and managing the necessary funds can be a challenging task. But it needn’t be complicated or painful. Here are some simple suggestions to help you get ahead—so you can get away.

  • Live under your means—no matter what that means.
  • Save 10% or more.
  • Gradually sock away months, then years, of living expenses.
  • Max out on matching programs, good IRAs, and other no-brainers.
  • Get tax smart.
  • Know when the price tag is too high—financially, environmentally, and ethically.
  • Know credit—or no credit!
  • Invest your long-term assets as aggressively as you can stomach. (Long-term means at least five years.)
  • You can’t take it with you—so plan to have nothing to take.
  • Nothing appreciates in value like a good memory, so having a profoundly good time (like a Big Break) is often the best investment of all.
  • If you know you are fiscally fit, you may use—but not abuse—this 5-Word Mantra: It’s not a financial decision.
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