Inspiration for Hire

If you’re ready to dive deeper into the topic of Sabbaticals or plot your own BreakAway, Kirk Horsted (The BreakAway Guy) can help.

Kirk is available to coach fellow dreamers and schemers and consult with organizations interested in leveraging the power of Sabbaticals to help recruit and retain top employees and manage staffing costs.

Kirk would also be honored to speak to your professional organization, inspire your group, or just entertain your gathering. You’ll learn the countless ways to realize a BreakAway, and why a Sabbatical can be the best career—and life—move you’ll ever make.


This inspiring topic works well in a variety of formats. A speech (from 45 to 75 minutes) offers entertainment, humor, and an engaging slide show to present the main ideas. A workshop provides key points while guiding participants through the planning process. A workshop series provides more time for planning exercises, and to dig into participants’ specific visions and obstacles.


Sabbaticals, Inspiration, Work/Life Balance, Fiscal Fitness, Travel

  • BreakAway: Making and taking time for what matters most
  • You Can Have it All—Just Not All at Once: Realistic life planning for long-term go-getters
  • Work to Live or Live to Work? Balancing a booming career with your other goals and dreams
  • The $2 Million Opportunity: Making your money work for you instead of vice versa
  • Gonzo Global or Into the Woods: Pics, tips, and tales to spark the wanderlust in your heart

Audience / Client Testimonials

“Kirk has a knack for uncovering the questions nobody is asking (or perhaps it’s the questions everyone wants to ask but doesn’t dare!)  and then gently, craftily, cheekily pulling us into an energizing conversation. My only complaint is that there is never enough time — never enough time to delve into the matters of life and love that are Kirk’s stock in trade.”

—Don Ball, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Coco Coworking Office Spaces

“Good kick in the butt. Loved him!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at last week’s luncheon. As someone with an incurable case of wanderlust, a dream of living overseas (at least for awhile) and a nagging itch to make life extraordinary, I appreciate your example.”

“The presentation was grrrrrrrrreat!  We really enjoyed it. Kirk is very funny and a great storyteller.”

“While at my age, I would never rule out a hormonal reaction to anything, I know that yesterday’s presentation was tugging at my heart and my values—all the stuff that really matters. It was wonderful actually.”

“Thanks for a great workshop. I hope your book will be available soon!”

“I want to know everything! Thank you for inspiring!”

“I just so happen to have a summary of the evaluation sheets that referred to you. Here’s what they said:  Kirk Horsted (4.3 out of 5)   The best—inspiring.; Great. Inspiring. I am hitting the road.; Interesting, will be fun to explore this stuff in depth.; Great travel tips and good insight.; Excellent. I can’t wait to hear him again in the future.; Inspiring. A great speaker.”

“Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your talk. It was a good shot in the arm about all the things that really matter. Nice pictures, too!”

“Love the 5 5-word mantras. That’s marketable!”

“Very inspirational. Congratulations on your schemes—keep them up.”

“We loved the speech.  A warm personality and compelling content complemented by artful photography.  We were hooked.”

“More, more, more!”

“Inspiring, entertaining, insightful, engaging, well-paced. I laughed, I cried. Congratulations—it was a big hit!”

“In a matter of minutes, Kirk can make a roomful of designers laugh at their fears and believe in their dreams—with his compelling slides, ideas, and stories. For an entertaining and inspiring presentation that’s utterly relevant to creative professionals, I highly recommend him.”

Doug Powell, Distinguished Designer at IBM; Former President, AIGA

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