Five Five-Word Mantras…

to get you going, and grace you while you’re gone.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

So said the Little Engine that Could. As adults with complicated lives, we know that few things are so simple. Yet we also know that a patient, persistent mindset can be the ticket to most anything. Or anywhere. If you want a BreakAway, these mantras can help you get going and stay on track.

  • It’s not a financial decision.
    Time is money, right? Wrong! Time is not only more precious, but could run out at any time. Most major life decisions are not about numbers on paper. Maybe a BreakAway rises above the digits because it’s…priceless.
  • Everything is right on schedule.
    When is the perfect time to take on a Sabbatical? Who knows? Only you! But remember that perfectionism is not the goal, and freedom can’t be forced. Open your mind and a time will arrive. Meantime, let your faith set you free.
  • When all else fails, punt.
    Before or during your Getaway, the Bad Thing could happen. A “What-if?” could become a “What Now?” If so, drop everything and tackle that problem. Put your Sabbatical on the back bench, or just plain punt. You can take another run at it later in this game we call Life.
  • I’m determining my own destiny.
    You could sit back and await your fate. Or you can decide what you want—and how to go for it. Indeed, the more determined you are, the more you will find what you’re looking for. Let your guts be your guide. And enjoy the ride.
  • You can go home again.
    If you leave, will your world fall apart? Not likely. Sure, things will change. But you will change most of all. And maybe “home” will now mean more than your metaphorical house, but also wherever you (and your heart) may wander.
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