BABT1: Sunday Supper!

Posted on: Friday, June 26th, 2009
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If you’re looking for ways to slow down and savor your free time, check in every Friday (or so) for the forthcoming series:  55 BreakAway BreakThroughs (BABT).  We’ll offer one simple, symbolic suggestion that might bring enjoyment or inspiration—and get you one step closer to your radical Sabbatical. 

BABT1:  Sunday Supper…with 11 possible courses of action

  • Have friends and family over, and make everyone collaborate in the kitchen.
  • Join hands before the feast and sing, pray, or read something stimulating. 
  • Take yourself out for a nice, solo dinner; bring a journal and capture some thoughts. 
  • Eat early, then watch a meaningful movie, documentary, or travel program. 
  • Go to an exotic ethnic restaurant and neighborhood; shop or wander before or after. 
  • Call a long-lost acquaintance; better yet, write them a letter by hand and send it snail. 
  • Create the healthiest meal possible that still tastes great and feels indulgent. 
  • Cook up a big batch for leftovers; spend less time cooking next week. 
  • After dinner, play music or games; make art or a decadent dessert (big banana split?). 
  • Get out your BreakAway journal and jot down some ideas about where, when, and how. 
  • Leave the kitchen (and whole house?) clean, organized, and ready to start the week fresh. 

Do you have any favorite Sunday evening rituals–or BreakThrough tips to share?  Leave a comment please!

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