Jacko Touched Us All

Posted on: Friday, June 26th, 2009
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Michael Jackson is dead.  I have a hard time writing that—because he has been in exile for ages and yet can still touch every living person with his amazing music.  In this youtube link, even a church organist jams on Jackson and, no surprise, shakes the rafters.  
I’ve seen hundreds of concerts, and dozens could be called “The Best.”  But when I saw Michael perform—the “Bad Tour”—I witnessed things no other performer can do.  One memory:  After a larger-than-life production on a rocking song, the dancers and band faded away.  He was left alone at the front of the stage in a tight spotlight. 
When he dropped to one knee and cried (or pretended, we’ll never know), 20,000 people screamed and wept til we—and the arena—shook.  Then, instantly, the band and dancers reappeared, the lights went way up, and, voila, we were dancing to “Thriller.”  Thrilled, indeed. 
A friend’s daughter, 18, commented, “I don’t think anyone from my life will be remembered like he already is.”  True that.  He puts today’s young stars to shame. 
Sadly, we’ll remember him for all the strange things too.  He took BreakAway too far, into NeverLand.  But could we be partly to blame?  The world is not nice to people so different.  Maybe we will be someday. 
I’ll miss you, Michael.  In my playlist, you’ll always be at the top of the charts.  God bless. 
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