Wanna Travel? Beware of Weather!

Posted on: Wednesday, June 26th, 2024
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IMG_9666.jpegWelcome to Okoboji (Iowa), a legendary chain of lakes known for deep blue water, relaxation, and (frankly), outsized fun. A terrible flood is happening there. But for these girls, the party must go on…

I’ve been taking BreakAways to Okoboji all my life, sometimes several times a year—and including living and working there some college summers. So my love for the place runs deep.

Unfortunately, so does this year’s flooding—the worst since 1993, or the worst ever? Doesn’t really matter; the destruction and stench defy historical comparisons, also due to the overbuilding that has happened there and everywhere. Which results in more ruin, more dock boards floating everywhere, and more million$ in damage and cleanup. I can’t even envision the rebuild that lies ahead.

Of course, my beloved Okoboji is just one of dozens (countless?) locations getting slammed in the Midwest. Places I’ve known, lived, loved. One tries not to get too bummed out. But, dang, floods are just such a sloooow-acting, cruel catastrophe.

All to say, although the US airports broke customer records over Memorial Day weekend, remember this warning: Travel at your own risk. Nature is angry and turning many getaway dream trips into nightmares. Not to mention laughing at my summer Okoboji escape plans.

So watch the weather. Pack and prepare for the unexpected. Have a Plan B.

And keep the faith.


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