I Break for Sunsets, Porches & Baseball…

Posted on: Saturday, July 25th, 2009
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Now here’s a sweet treatise sure to send you to your hammock to contemplate the perfection of pointlessness.  In a world of crazybusy, internet buzz, and self-importance, Mr. Young’s revelations ring true for this summer-centered soul.  Try out these quick quotes, and if they make sense to you, take the leap link for more…about less. 

“I need to go to more ballgames.”

  • “I need to examine sunsets and storm fronts more closely.” 
  • “I need to spend more time with my dogs.” 
  • “The internet is full of important things.  But mostly it is full of nothing.” 
  • “Do you know the sweet thing about baseball?  It’s all the nothing that connects the consquences on the field.” 
  • “On your porch, air is the main event.  And it’s alive.” 
  • “Yes, I’ve got to do more things that make absolutely no sense, except that they reward my senses.  I think that’s what we have them for.” 

If you are still sitting in front of your computer, postponing joy, here’s the entire piece.

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