BABT4: Weekend RoadTrip!

Posted on: Friday, July 17th, 2009
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We all love weekends, with or without a getaway.  But too often, the weekend can become a frantic flurry of errands, social commitments, and housework hell.  For this week’s BreakAway BreakThrough, I’m prescribing that once a year (or more) you simply get up and go.  Sneaking away for a few days works wonders for opening the eyes and mind—and getting you thinking, “Geez, I should do this more often…and stay away longer!” 
BABT4:  Weekend RoadTrip… 11 ways to escape, entice and excite
  • Hook up with old college, fishing, or childhood chums. 
  • Bum the use of an acquaintance’s wilderness cabin; chop wood for your rent. 
  • Volunteer for Habitat, a church group, or wherever you’re needed. 
  • Visit a cool college town when school is not in session. 
  • Drive blue highways till you spot a funky hotel you like. 
  • Send the family away—and have a “staycation” by yourself at home. 
  • Go pay respects to an aging family member or old friend. 
  • Pay a pilgrimage to a memorable place from your youth. 
  • Try a yoga, meditation, or religious retreat.
  • Hang out in a posh resort during a shoulder season—when they’re slow and cheap. 
  • Board a bus, boat, or train to somewhere you’ve never traveled (and enjoy the ride). 

Do you have any favorite itineraries or destinations–or BreakThrough tips to share?  Leave a comment please!

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