BABT5: Bust a move!

Posted on: Friday, July 31st, 2009
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Do you love working out?  If so, good for you.  If not, join the club.  Still, whether it becomes a healthy habit or just an occasional endeavor, taking a break to release some angst (and endorphins) is most always worth the effort.  And maybe that overdue round of golf will lead to new friends, habits or a PGA Tour.  

Yep, this week’s BreakAway BreakThrough is all about shaking your groove thang.
BABT5:  Bust a Move  11 ways to break out of your sedentary routine

  • Try your luck at one of today’s fastest-growing games:  Frizbee golf. 
  • Walk the dog—or someone else’s—and make a puppy happy.
  • Rent something that floats and ride upstream:  canoe, kayak or sailboat. 
  • Tune up your old bike and take a spin on your neighborhood bike trails.
  • Get up and go bowling in your spare time.   
  • Take a stroll to smell some roses.  Doesn’t really matter where you’re going.
  • Visit a batting-machine cage and take a swing at hitting. 
  • Come into the cold with skiing or show-shoeing. 
  • Tennis, anyone?
  • This one goes well with beer:  Cornholing (though some people call it bean bag toss). 
  • Whether alone or at the disco, dance (as the saying goes) like nobody’s watching. 
 Do you have any favorite moves–or BreakThrough tips to share?  Leave a comment please!
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