11 EZ Steps to Pretty Good Dadhood

Posted on: Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
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A private landing assures much untouched booty.

Focusing on fatherhood may be more natural and convenient when we’ve stepped away from our routines and out of (most) ruts. And for that, I’m grateful! Pursuing mutual passions like being on/in water and chasing nature also helps. Here was our strategy today. Perhaps when we’re back home again, we can find the same groove during fishing mornings, baseball afternoons, and bowling nights.

  • Rent a 2-person kayak for a ½-day excursion.
  • Pile on snorkel gear, lunch, bevvies, camera.
  • Relax for a while; let Boy wander off, climb rocks, and collect sea treasures.

AllBoy seeks sea treasures on private beach.

  • Paddle against the wind to a private beach cars can’t reach.
  • Snorkel one hour around a steep peninsula through gi-normous swells.
  • Return to beach, exhausted, for enthusiastic chat and lunch about ocean life.
  • Search seashore for shells, coral, crab carcasses, and cool stuff.
  • Take pictures and select a few perfect ones for Mom and Sis.
  • Throw the rest back into the deep.

Corals, conchs, crab carcasses, critters: Incredible!

  • Eat a candy bar and gather up the gear.
  • Kayak back, watching for jumping fish, distant sailboats, and lobster traps.
  • Let wind and waves carry you home while sun slips behind mountain.
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  1. scott Says:

    you are crafty not to divulge the location of your private beach… arrr

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