Hello World, I Have Cancer

Posted on: Friday, August 19th, 2016
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Hello World,

I know what you’re thinking: Nice hair, huh? Better look fast!

But let’s get right to the point, shall we? Cancer.

It’s my turn. I’m surprising myself by using The Facebook to announce such news; I’ve been called a “Facebook Fart,” hang out here not so much, and tend to prefer real faces, books, conversations, and farting around to the stuff on screens. But here we are.

Posting this way is efficient. And it’s impersonal—which works well for me right now. Because despite what I’m going through, it’s just as hard dealing with other people’s reactions. So call me a coward! But rest assured, I will NOT be cowardly when facing this fight. Cancer: I got this.

What do I know? A headache sent me to healthcare. Procedures found a golf-ball-sized tumor in my left sinus, while nonstop tests this week are checking for anything else. Lymphoma. Likely remedies: Chemotherapy first, with a radiation chaser. Then we’ll take it from there. One day at a time, right?

Some of you are dear friends: I apologize for this impersonal touch. The rest of you are dear people, and I thank you for your concern.

Wish I had some Pollyanna platitude to leave you with. But I’m not going anywhere. So meantime, I aim to do what I always strive to do: Enjoy every moment possible with my children and families and 3D friends, my gardens, grills, and guitars, and life’s daily drivels. I’ll chase dreams and work that matters. And try to do no harm. Please join me!

Thanks for listening. Send good vibes, keep the faith, and happy sails…


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