Random Acts of Relaxation

Posted on: Monday, August 15th, 2016
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Today, (August 15) is National Relaxation Day. I hope this doesn’t mean we can only relax one day per year!

It’s been a great summer. Is there any other kind? Never mind that this blogger has suffered some shattering personal sh!t, starting in July. And then, this relaxer also got struck struck by some shocking health sh!t, as of last week. As Casey Kasem used to say, “The hits just keep on comin’!”

But despite the chilly sh!t-fan, there were also countless moments of relaxation. Repose. Rest. Beauty. And grace. Perhaps that’s why the wordsmith-ing got quiet? Oh yeah, and the aforementioned. But who wants to get stuck there on National Relaxation Day?

Instead, here are some random pics from the bliss that summer brought. Because  when life gets hard, there’s still an abundance of beauty most anywhere you look—and peaceful moments awaiting most anywhere life takes you.


  • Golfing is relaxing…when you remember…it’s an outdoor game…to bring you zen.



  • I’ve looked at clouds. From both sides now.



  • Beer is beautiful. And relaxing!



  • My favorite five-fingered flower that always shakes the blues!



  • Daughter’s USA Cup soccer games at 7 am: The best reason go get up early!



  • Root, root, root for the fireworks. If the home team can’t win, who cares?



  • My garden is my playground. Plants, flowers, found art, and an angel or two…



  • For pristine, eye-popping grandeur, consider Lake Superior.



  • My children have taught me how to spell relaxation: H-A-M-M-O-C-K-I-N-G.



  • Peace.
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2 Responses to “Random Acts of Relaxation”

  1. Beth Stava Says:

    gorgeous pics. And you look HOT in the last one 🙂

  2. Kirk Horsted Says:

    Ha! Hot, maybe. But COOL, most def!

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