Meet Kara McGuire, Money Maven & MPG MSP Panelist

Posted on: Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
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Kara McGuire has one of the coolest jobs around:  She gets to write about money. No, not Donald Trump and the VIX index, but helpful info for the average checkbook bungler.  On Tuesday, October 18, Kara will participate in our Meet Plan Go career-break panel. If a money’s a main obstacle that keeps you from flying away, you’ll want to be there.

  • Spot-on reportage

Kara clips coupons.  Kara has three kids under the age of eight.  Kara knows how many Americans are one month away from losing their house.  But within the last month, she’s also offered readers real, relevant articles like…

  1. Think twice before saving for college
  2. Women minding the money
  3. Slash your grocery bills

She’s also a proponent of schools that get off their abacus and teach our young’uns how to be better with a buck.  Just think:  Had we promoted that sooner, maybe this dang debt crisis wouldn’t still be such a massive bummer.

  • Yet Kara’s BreakAway awaits

Last we talked, Kara came clean with a secret:  She’s yet to take her career break.  (Egads!)  Yet she loves to travel,

It’s not so easy with two careers and three kids, but we try to set aside travel money every year—athough it can be the first savings to get tapped when the unexpected expense shows up.”

So, Kara, unlike most Americans, do you at least use all your vacation days?  She laughs,

Oh yes.  And when we travel, we might spend a day at a four-star resort, and then camp—to extend the budget and time away.  But with a family now, sometimes vacations become visiting grandparents and such.  The good news is that, sometimes, that takes you to faraway places like Massachusetts.”

  • Save your hard questions for Kara

So please, join Kara, me, and our three other panelists.  And ask Kara the taxing questions.  She’ll have a savvy answer—and you’ll be one step closer to your big break.

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