BABT11: Routine Breakers

Posted on: Friday, October 9th, 2009
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photo by Kirk Horsted

As we continue to delve deeper into the seasonal duties of fall, we might want to make sure we don’t fall too far! Routine can be great; it’s how things get done. But ruts are what happen when routines make us feel stuck. It takes little—and can cost little too—to shake and freshen things up a bit. If you need some ideas, this week’s BreakAway BreakThrough (BABT) offers a few…
BABT11: 11 Ways to BreakAway from Routines & Ruts
  • Some Saturday, get up super-early and get something (that’s been bugging you) done.
  • Start date night in the afternoon—and go to bed early. : )
  • Visit a new place of worship—wherever the spirit may move you.
  • Stuck in the family cabin customs? Trade places with another family with a place.
  • Break with holiday tradition: Serve salmon at Thanksgiving; hand out healthy snacks at Halloween; give gifts to charity at Christmas.
  • If your mornings are harried, prep all you can the night before.
  • On Super Bowl Sunday, host your own game day—bingo, ping-pong, Monopoly.
  • Give you kids chits; say “Okay” sometimes when they say, “But I don’t wanna!?!”
  • Skip the grocery run and support the farmer’s market, ethnic shops and local co-op.
  • If you have assigned chores in your house, reverse roles for a change of pace. (You may appreciate what the others do—and be grateful to get your same-old same-old back!)
  • Take a mental health day…when you feel great!
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