Feeling disconnected? Text your kids.

Posted on: Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
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It drives me wacko sometimes—being surrounded by people who choose to tap at their little screen rather than engage in the world (and people!) around them. But this article asserts the upside: communication, especially with teens. After all, getting your kids to connect is a timeless challenge. So we need every tool we can muster.

Psychologist Thomas W. Whelan, author of “Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage and Let Go of Your 13-18 Year Olds,” offers this practical advice about becoming one with your kids via textology…

Instead of seeing the whole text thing as an enemy, see it as an ally.”

My philosophy is, `Stay in touch.’ E-mail, cell phone or text — it makes no difference to me”

One way to strengthen your relationship is to let the kids show you how to do it.”

As for me, unplugging—or at least setting some parameters and periods that are tech-lite and human/nature heavy—remains a worthwhile approach too. But as the people (of all ages) in MY life text ME more and more and I contemplate staying close with my kids as they mature, adapting will also be worthwhile.

And I must admit, watching one Mom get all giddy when she received a text from her daughter who had just bowled her first strike, well, that was pretty sweet and made us all LOL.

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2 Responses to “Feeling disconnected? Text your kids.”

  1. del Says:

    I may have been one of those people of all ages who was texting YOU! I agree with you about text messaging the kids I do it to my college age boys all the time. Not knowing their class schedule it is an easy way to send a message and I can even tag it with love.

  2. khorsted Says:

    Well yes, and thanks for the thoughts. Because I (sometimes) practice what I preach, my 12-year old doesn’t yet have a cell phone. He may be the lone abstainer. So we’re not texting. Yet. When the worry + benefits (where are you? who’s bringing you home?) outweigh the principal, he’ll have one. And I’ll try to use it to stay close and “tag it with love.” Very nice.

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