Been there. Did that. And loved it.

Posted on: Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
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Sabbatical Soulmates, we call them.  In this case, Wayne and Megan Davies, a Calgary couple, and their two kids ditched big-city life to escape to Costa Rica for a year.  Their insights are familiar, yet profound.  Check out their story for a glimpse into the paybacks, drawbacks and—perhaps the hardest part of all—the comeback.
Or if you prefer, here’s the condensed version, plus brief comments…
The feeling of balance and serenity we’d so desperately sought, and found, is already gone, swept away in the pace of this frenetic city.”    
…Yep, the comeback can be crass, but it’s still so worth it. 
In many ways, moving abroad is the new sports car of the mid-life crisis.”  
Although some rare birds fly off on BreakAways throughout life, a mid-life crisis may offer serendipitous alignment.  And really, it can be so much more beneficial than, say, an affair, a divorce, or even a Porsche. 
The couple discussed taking time off before, but it was the sudden death of a friend, diagnosed with cancer at age 54, that spurred them into action.”  
It’s easy to get complacent—or too patient.  But life can implode in an instant.  So get going when the going is good! 
It took about six months to find the perfect balance.”  
A sabbatical is not a sure shot to bliss.  That’s why giving yourself as much time as possible ups the odds of finding ultimate enjoyment. 
As a family, we bonded closer than ever as we trekked into unfamiliar emotional territory and over geographical borders.”  
There may be no better way for a family to get connected than to disconnect from the daily agenda. 
The longer we were gone, the less we missed Calgary.”  
Although many people claim to “love” where they live, this family proves it’s easy to fall in love with the larger world too.  There’s a lot to love!
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