BABT8: Big Break Lake Vakay

Posted on: Friday, August 21st, 2009
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Most Americans know the timeless bliss of getting away to the lake.  I’m enjoying two weeks at my favorite, Lake Okoboji (Iowa) right now.  Amid a menu of docks, pontoons and board games are “new” toys like wifi joints, gi-normous TVs and video games.  Tempting, yes.  But in this weeks’s BreakAway BreakThrough (BABT) I must remind myself of why I am here, and then dive in! 
BABT8:  Big Break Lake Vakay … 11 ways I’ll keep the lake break timeless & real
  • Find nostalgia.  Tonight, the kids will experience their first drive-in movie.
  • Rest.  For just one day, I’ll mostly sit on the dock, from sunrise to sunset. 
  • Read.  For classic enlightenment, it’s Fitzgerald’s “This Side of Paradise.”  For modern motivation, I’ll ponder Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind.”
  • Play games.  The Boy loves bocce and now knows cribbage; even the Girl finds “Apples to Apples” appealing. 
  • Get wet.  Swim every day; make heroic throws and catches with a tennis ball. 
  • Celebrate tradition.  Dare to ride the old wooden roller coaster at 120-year old Arnolds Amusement Park. 
  • Go local.  I’ll chat up fellow Boji brethren at Harold’s Fisherman’s Wharf, not Godfather’s. 
  • Love rain.  It keeps trees green and lakes blue—and offers the chance to do puzzles, play guitar and take naps. 
  • Try something new.  Okay, I’ll finally climb aboard a Jet-Ski…and likely love it! 
  • Embrace family.  All my living relatives will visit—and I’ll grill up a feast. 
  • Feel music.  I’ll soak up legends like torch-songstress Marilyn Maye, then hit the bars where the cover bands crank it up. 
What’s YOUR favorite summer escape?  Leave a comment please!
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