Ch-Ch-Changes: Sabbatical Aftereffects

Posted on: Monday, July 13th, 2009
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In the 139 days since I’ve been back from our latest BreakAway, I’ve noticed some shifts and differences in my mindframe and routine.  Here’s a quick list of 11:

Post-BreakAway I…

  • Care less about my home (for better and worse).
  • Care less about the kids’ activities—playdates, sports, school. 
  • Feel more independent, in too many ways to mention. 
  • Feel more attached to a larger (if often invisible) world. 
  • Hear inner voices more clearly (but haven’t yet gone completely nuts).  :  ) 
  • Made some not-profound discoveries:  Sleep more; play guitar; read daily. 
  • Know for sure that few things can compete with sun, exercise, rest, and nature for offering inner peace and calm. 
  • Confirmed that the fewer clothes I have to wear, the more free I feel. 
  • Believe more passionately than ever in Unplugging; now if only my family…
  • Love street culture; islanders hang out a lot, whereas Minnesotans only do in the summer. 
  • Get hit hard by the “go-homes” after a BreakAway—but it’s not only worth it, it’s a big part of the personal growth equation. 

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