BABT3: The Silence Treatment

Posted on: Friday, July 10th, 2009
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Do you like music?  Noise?  Convivial gatherings and raucous laughter?  Me too.  But on the other hand, I’m finding that silence and solitude make my playlist more and more as the years go by.  For this week’s BreakAway BreakThrough, I’m here to remind you to take time out to listen to that little voice within—the one that says things like, “Take it easy,” “Take a break,” and “BreakAway—someday.”  

BABT3: The Silence Treatment… 11 ways to tune in, turn on and peace out

  • Find a place—and time of day—to meditate occasionally…after lunch?  Before bed? 
  • Sit outside with your eyes closed; hear the birds and feel the breeze. 
  • Thoughtstreams rarely stop, so give them short notice and then let them float away. 
  • Contemplate one word or idea that you’re trying to increase in your life. 
  • Eat in peace:  Savor every flavor, feel the freshness, and bask in gratitude. 
  • Lie down and do a “body scan,” in which you slowly feel all body parts from toe to head. 
  • If you fall asleep easily, keep your eyes open slightly and stare at something soothing.   
  • If “Buster” (that jerk in your head) is barking, beat him back with with an upbeat stick. 
  • Unplug before bed:  Turn off all media, digitalia, and people a half-hour before sleep. 
  • Walk alone on a country road, a frozen lake, a secluded beach, or a green hill. 
  • Expect one insight—whether profound or banal—and ponder it as you re-enter the noise.

 Do you have any favorite zen suggestions–or BreakThrough tips to share?  Leave a comment please!

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