Job Instability (and Hatred) Now Normal

Posted on: Monday, July 6th, 2009
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If you dream of a sabbatical but your job gets in the way, here’s the good news:  the typical American simply can’t count on job stability any more.  So a BreakAway window will probably appear many times during your career. 

Check out these stats that suggest your “job,” over the long run, may be less of a barrier than you think…

  • 3 to 5:  Career changes the average person will have by age 38
  • 10 to 14:  Jobs the average person will have by age 38

Depressing?  Or liberating?  How about both, depending on what chapter you’re in at any given moment and how your money-management skills are holding up. 

But here’s one last stat that IS truly depressing…

  •  77   Percent of people who hate their jobs

These digits come courtesy of the professional motivation column, “Outswimming the Sharks,” by Twin Cities entrepreneur/author Harvey Mackay. His column today has some jolting numbers.  But, as usual, he is encouraging about your prospects.

So am I.  If most of us will have a dozen careers—and hate our jobs anyway—what’s stopping us from taking some transition time between gigs?  Why don’t we launch into something we’d love to do, rather than remain handcuffed to jobs we hate? 

That’s the opportunity, folks.  Your chance to swim toward calmer seas, and away (for a while) from the sharks will come. 


Be ready.


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