BABT2: The Pub Tour!

Posted on: Friday, July 3rd, 2009
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As we continue this series about finding little ways to find free time—and inch yourself closer to a bona fide BreakAway—today we propose you do drop in to the occasional pub.  Or coffee shop.  Or joint of your choice.  The idea is to see something new, rustle up that wanderlust feeling, and maybe meet someone whose story inspires you to get up and go. 

Oh sure, there may be risks, calories, and drinking involved.  But whoever said that scheming a Sabbatical should be a lifeless chore? 

BABT2:  Pub Tour…with 11 ways to shake it up—and get you stirred

  • Visit “the local,” the place nearest your home—especially if you’ve never been there. 
  • If you meet your barstool neighbors, ask them about their favorite trips or travels.
  • Have your spouse or friend blindfold you and take you someplace new; remove it when seated. 
  • Get into Happy Hour; see who gathers then and savor the savvy discount. 
  • Try a place with curious cultural ties—in a theater, movie house, or ethnic eatery. 
  • Mosey on into a VFW or Legion; elbow up and listen to war stories (and say thanks). 
  • Stop in an airport bar—or some tavern near the bus, train, or other travel hub. 
  • Meet a friend who just returned from a trip; shut up and listen to the tales.
  • Find an establishment that somehow symbolizes somewhere you’d like to go—Spanish tapas bar?  Curry restaurant?  Anyplace named The Nomad? 
  • Order “the unusual,” or whatever gives you a taste of something altogether different.
  • Take a short road trip to a small town; wander the streets and tap that faraway feeling.  

Do you have any watering hole wisdom–or BreakThrough tips to share?  Leave a comment please!

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