Weisure Time & Crackberries?

Posted on: Thursday, May 21st, 2009
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This brilliant, short commentary by Jim Shea suggests that Unplugging (one of this blog’s favorite recommendations) is not alive and well.  Rather, work trends continue to move toward the 24/7 model, thanks to technology.  We now have a culture of “Crackberries”—worker bees who never let the work buzz stop. 

Hence, “weisure time.”  That’s when your work and leisure time merge into a sort of purgatory. Symptoms include…

  • People with BlueTeeth.  
  • Dinner dates who text while they talk to you.  
  • Laptops on the beach. 

“They” say this is the future.  And it’s already here. 

Hey, if this is what it takes to succeed at your job, do what you gotta do.  But if you can possibly take temporary retirement—and I’m talking, like, going to a baseball game and spending an evening with your kids—then dare yourself to Unplug now and then.

You may work better.  And you’ll feel better too.  


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