Vacations Create “Problems” at Work

Posted on: Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
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Survey sez: 

77%.  When asked what they found difficult about taking time off from work for vacation, percentage of full-time employed adults who said it was their first day back after vacation. 

44%.  Percentage who found the last day in the office before vacation to be difficult.   Source:  Randstad-USA

The stats and stories about unused vacation time in the USA are sad and startling.  But these numbers provide a glimpse into the working lives of the poor stiffs who find taking time off to be “difficult.” 

Of course, that day before and after breaking away can be a challenge.  But don’t most worthwhile pursuits in life come with a cost?  Heck, even vedging in front of the TV requires some electronics, cable or satellite, cold beer and fresh chips! 

Since enjoying hard-earned vacation time can be so challenging, BreakAways make even more sense.  After all, the workday before and after escaping for a month or six probably isn’t any more “difficult” than when you take a week off. 

And for sure the payoff is much, much bigger!  

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