FOTOFRIDAY: Where’s Caitlin?

Posted on: Friday, March 1st, 2024
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U of Iowa women’s basketball superstar Caitlin Clark finally—finally!—tries to leave the court after another record-breaking game, a gaggle of interviews, and umpteen autographs.

Yes, sports (and our appetites for them) have gone over over-the-top. Nonetheless, I defend the mania as a mini-Breakaway option, a suspenseful entertainment, and (we hope) an inspiration for the get-off-your-butt movement.

I will also admit to being a passionate U of Iowa fan, as I grew up in the Hawkeye state, had some terrific time at the school, and limit my emotional attachment to only 3 teams: The Iowa Hawkeyes (most any sport), the MN Twins, and whatever team my kids are playing for.

Still, my personal excitement and pounding heart was NOT prepared for the rock-show atmosphere of the sold-out IA/MN game last night. All to see Caitlin Clark, who’s broken just about every record, shot women’s sports to a way higher level, and did NOT disappoint.

She scored IA’s first 12 points in 4 possessions—never missing a shot—including the one from the center logo. She racked up 33 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists. And she embraced her role as a role model, teammate, and good sport with grace and smiles.

Not bad for a 22-year old who grew up just a few hours of Iowa City. Best of all, she inspired and made hundreds (thousands?) of dreamy, screamy young hoopers happy. Me too!

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