FOTOFRIDAY: Crop Art Grows on You

Posted on: Friday, September 15th, 2023
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Seed aficionados soak up the creations from Minnesota’s crop artistes.

As we’ve said before, you see it all at the MN State Fair. That includes, of course, Crop Art, AKA Seed Art. You see a lot of long lines at the Fair. But few can compare to the line to get in this beloved building.

The artists do it for love, but a competitive nature permeates the room—and ribbons hang from the compositions like diamond necklaces at a fancy ball. The big news this year? No more mustard seeds! Why? Because they don’t really grow in MN anymore. Everyone bemoaned the lack of the small, yellow ingredient. And what about wild mustard? That grows here, right? (Though THAT seed is less sublime.)

So next year, the Judges will reevaluate. The artists will get back to planting seeds of ideas and brainstorming immediately. (What a brilliant, healthy way to BreakAway!) And the groupies and lines will again clamor for more. I can’t wait…

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