Surprise vacations? It’s a THING!

Posted on: Thursday, August 10th, 2023
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Point of no return? Or destiny of bliss? You don’t know where you’re going, for sure this time. Welcome to the world of mystery vacations! (Photo KH, Okoboji 8-23.)

Surprise parties? Move over! The ‘mystery travel’ train keeps moving full speed ahead!

I remember a surprise party (for me) in my childhood. Of course! … Somebody told me. So I had to feign astonishment and joy. Oh well. One remains grateful for the effort!

Another memory was the birthday that a few friends got me buzzed, blindfolded me, and took me to the Mall of America. A place I had steadfastly if not violently avoided. My unveiling took place under the 3-story Snoopy at … Camp Snoopy. Brilliant! A fine dinner tapped off the unforgettable, twisted evening.

Now, people are planning MUCH longer BreakAways for kinfolk and friends, with (theoretically) no groupthink. The posse agrees on things like schedule (duh), budget, and preferences. Then one Planner takes over. Brilliant, right? If it works. Says the world traveler who despises the planning and can glide through logistics but just wants to be THERE.

Our thanks to Nerdwallet for keeping their eyes on this idea. If someone you know and trust suggests they plan a surprise vakay for you and yours?

There is only one answer. YES!

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