BITN: Spend FF Miles! Meet Your Mission! Hit the RV Road!

Posted on: Thursday, June 17th, 2021
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The masks are flying off! The FF miles are in danger! Are we back to the same old new normal!?!

The interns have been lazy of late—stripping off masks, attending graduation events, and just generally making up for the last umpteen months of quarantine quandary. More power to them, and to all of us, as we ditch the Zoom and zoom outside, to restaurants, to Nepal, to…wherever!

  • Got miles? Use ‘em or…lose ‘em? 

Forbes reports that just 5 airlines owe flyers ~$28 billion in miles trips. That’s just scary. So if you’re hoarding miles, you may regret it. Airlines claim to love to fly and all, but they’re in it for the bucks. Big bucks. And now that they’ve been gifted many MORE billions by the government during the pandemic, don’t expect them to stop cashing in.

Meaning: Cash in while YOU can. What a great excuse to BreakAway somewhere!?!

  • Local bike company sponsors sabbaticals with a purpose

This heart-tugging story reminds us of what’s right with this world. Quality Bicycle Products, of Bloomington, MN, generously rewards employees with paid breaks—so long as there’s a purposeful mission attached. This MN couple will return to his native Nepal—to help his native village solve safe water challenges—while bringing along their two children who have yet to see their dad’s homeland.

(In my travels, finding family in Denmark {and also Norway} remains one of my most meaningful experiences. MYBA forever advocates digging up roots and seeking your kinfolk.)

This couple met 20 years ago when she was on Peace Corps—more goodness. We wish them well and hope their now-published story inspires others to help change the world.

  • NerdWallet suggests 5 great US RV trips

NerdWallet does great work; even financial planners I know with endless tools at their fingertips often say, “Just go to NerdWallet.” Today, they share 5 savvy RV journeys—just as people are again ready to hit the road (and you won’t have to mess with airlines and miles obstacles!).

People are retiring suddenly by the millions lately, thanks in part to irrationally booming stock and real-estate markets. (More on that in another post…) Many I know are planning to, or at least pondering, an RV escape to celebrate their new beginning.

These 5 routes offer a good place to start. My RV romping was limited to a handful of weeks in New Zealand, too many years ago. But I can easily say it was one of the best trips ever. And I hope to try it again one fine day…

As the Nerds suggest in the article, Route 66, anyone? Wherever you may wander, hope you get your kicks this summer. And as always…

Keep the faith.

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