FOTOFRIDAY: Will Our Slumbering Cities Rise and Shine?

Posted on: Friday, April 30th, 2021
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That’s me, at One World Trade Center, a place that stirs both emotions and humility. 

I’ve been talking with friends in big cities lately. The ‘state’ of the city varies depending on the state it’s in. But many, like NYC (pictured here) are still seemingly deserted. Tourism businesses have closed or are barely hanging on. The few people in the streets still sport masks.

Do we miss city chaos? Do we long for crowded subways and traffic jams? Are Times Square and Disneyland atop our bucket lists when (if?) ‘things’ return to normal? And will those soaring skyscrapers (like that monolith in the pic) fill with thousands of workers again?

These are the questions of our times. From my vantage, I hope so. But when travel becomes an easy option for those of us craving a stimulating BreakAway, I’m more excited about Tuscan towns, playful beaches, and undiscovered master chefs. Meantime, we dream on…

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