FOTOFRIDAY: Taking the Leap with 35mm

Posted on: Friday, February 12th, 2021
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  • My son captured this shot in a snap with a vintage film camera. 

One month ago, BreakAway featured a film photo by my daughter—and pondered the recent popularity of film for ‘kids’ who have grown up in a digital world.

I find it a bit perplexing, though also refreshing and creative. My son nabbed this timeless image on the shores of Lake Michigan. One shot! That’s all you got! No BURST mode was available. And the surfer was oblivious, so: No prep time, no posing, no retakes.

It’s a great picture, and serves to remind us that being spoiled by limitless shooting, decent cell phone photography, and instant editing/posting guarantees nothing. In fact, maybe it makes us shoot too much and see too little.

This photo is worth 1,000 “files.”

Hmmm… Maybe it’s time for me to dig out my old 35mm camera again?

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