FOTOFRIDAY: Hurry Up and Wait!

Posted on: Friday, February 5th, 2021
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  • It’ll be a while, please take a chair…

My Grandma gets credit for “Hurry up and wait!” Seems she would say it, always cheerfully, whenever we had to hurry—or wait—for anything. That’s how the C-19 saga seems to be playing out of late; most folks are in a rush to get the vaccine, yet most everyone must wait.

As I continue my life as a cancer survivor, seems like the appointments never get a BreakAway. The care team is always in a hurry to see me again. The good news is now they can usually hurry me through the routines (though they still take hours).

And now I enjoy, not dread, the time with my terrific doctors.

But these chairs!?! This is what has become of one “waiting” room. Only a few souls sit in the remaining upright chairs, and we are far, far away from each other. Someday, normal will return and these rooms will again be packed with impatient patients, waiting, hurrying, hoping.

Keep the faith.

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