FOTOFRIDAY: Who wants to run away?

Posted on: Friday, November 13th, 2020
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  • We will sail again…someday

I’ve often referred to my sabbaticals as “running away.” As one who’s been blessed with a handful of multi-month BreakAways, that was one way to refer to it that most people would accept, though many would rather sneer, “F*ck you!” It’s been a while, and lately that seems like forever.

Winter arrived early this year. So this is about the time—nay, exactly the time—when long winter escapes seemed particularly alluring. And of course, any vacation from the cold gives any northerner something to look forward to, to relish, and later to cherish.

This year? The world is stuck, like a snowmobile in a snowbank. Heck, a night out at a neighborhood eatery is nearly forbidden, if not dangerous. Who knew that sailing away, whether to St. Thomas or the supermarket, whether for the worldly or the newbie, would get beached?

Nobody. No one can predict pandemics and things. You can, however, rest un-assured that life brings unexpected un-pleasantries. And that’s what makes travel—and making memories—so important. As for me, well, I just had another knee surgery. So I can’t go anywhere anyhow. It brings new meaning to “Winter of Our Discontent,” although the timing seems somehow savvy. And I do adore my recliner.

The point is, I’m so glad I roamed when I could. And that for now I can sit around and get lost in the photos, like the stunning sunset above. So, please, let us remember: Moments make memories. When again possible, take one and make one.

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