FOTOFRIDAY: Hang Up and Drive

Posted on: Friday, July 19th, 2019
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Kirk Horsted

Minnesota’s state government has taken FOREVER to pass a bill disallowing playing with your cell phone while driving. Well, they finally did. The law takes effect on August 1. You can still do “one-touch” activities and voice activation and such. Okay, fine.

By my best guess-timate, about 44.55% of drivers are doing something with their phone while driving. Talking? Texting? SM-ing? Watching reality shows? Buying toilet paper on Amazon? All the above? If we actually give citations, the cops will be swamped and the state will get rich.  I hope so.

Life is better in 3D than on your screen. Driving too. So, like, BreakAway from that addictive toy and take a real vacation. Talk to someone. Go hear live music or see a play. Plant flowers. Walk.

Most important: Drive.

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