1 Dark & Stormy Times RX: Run Away

Posted on: Tuesday, July 12th, 2016
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During the Vietnam War, Canada welcomed most any American man whose conscience would not allow him to go to war and inflict harm on other people. Brilliant. Compassionate. Generous.


Today, we have a national epidemic of people shooting and harming one another—with violence and anger surrounding us and new tragedies flaring daily. My guess is, if there were a Canada option available, many people would flee the madness for a refuge.


Some say they’d like to move if Donald Trump becomes President. Perhaps others feel that way about Hillary Clinton. Americans are dissatisfied, angry, and scared. All sorts of them, about all sorts of things, in ways not seen in decades.


Others find themselves in broken families—living with (and often putting up with for years) partners or relatives who lie, cheat, abuse, and cause irreparable spiritual and physical harm—disregarding human necessities like love, kindness, and respect. When your own home and alleged loved ones knowingly hurt you, who can you turn to? You may feel like running away. And some do, sometimes for the better.


The Vietnam War may provide a model to these scenarios that have much in common. Sadly, Canada can’t just take every foreign soul who’s hurting so badly he can’t take it any more…or mad as hell and can’t take it any more.


Career-break advocates try to maintain an upbeat—if not dreamy—tone to the promise of an extended period for travel, reflection, adventure, and rest.

But in truth, many people’s “breaks” look more like running away—in hopes of escaping the madness, ending a long, domestic nightmare, or simply finding a place of peace and hope.

Is it a valid and viable solution to problems and pain? There is never a perfect answer. But sometimes, maybe it is. Even the fantasy can offer some solace. You may be trapped or suffering, but you must keep faith you’ll land in a better place.

You can start over most any time. Sometimes, you have no choice.

Keep the faith.

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