Big Christmas; Little Christmas

Posted on: Sunday, December 20th, 2015
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IMG_3020The holiday season comes loaded with lots of stuff. Literally, metaphorically, and beyond. When a WashPost article about the stuff of Christmas arrived like a big-box gift recently, many had to stop and think; the millennials don’t want the baggage of the holidays, but they crave the pomp and trad. The elders don’t want the responsibility and labor, but they adore the festivity and customs.

  • Here’s an idea: Shake it up

DSC_0345My parents may kill me, but they haven’t yet. Nor will your rellies. Regardless of your rituals, why not reinvent the holiday season every year? There are as many ways to spend these days as people to spend them. Somewhere old, somewhere new. Something borrowed, something blue.

The holiday season may seem less spiritual every year. And yet, the churches keep filling and singing. The synagogues keep lighting candles and feasting. Black Friday keeps growing—and soon may be a whole month (or two). Why not? It’s the dark daze, and we need ways. To gather, observe, and carry on.

  • Big Christmas
    • P106033855 gifts (per person)
    • 5,555 lights (per tree)
    • Yard Santas
    • Rum-soaked punch
    • Umpteen parties
  • Little Christmas
    • Hand-made presents
    • Countless candles
    • A walk in the woods
    • BreakAway
    • Quiet presence

DSCN0229There’s a time for all the above, and endless ways to celebrate, commiserate, and meditate. Did I ever tell you about the ONLY time I saw my elderly Grandpa have a drink? (And we were close.) On a Christmas Eve. In a dive bar. No, a real dive bar. Blackberry brandy somebody insisted he sip. He resisted, then took a taste. And his words were, “Hey, that’s pretty good!”

Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. Hey, that’s pretty good!

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