5 Reasons Career-Breakers Give Thanks

Posted on: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014
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Getting lucky. - Version 2It’s that time of the year again. On one hand, the tackiest side of America acts out embarrassing rituals of full-contact shopping and materialism. On the other hand, we take time for Thanksgiving—a non-denominational pause dedicated to family, feasting, and gratefulness.

Folks who somehow manage extended breaks away from work and the routine grind have a lot to be thankful for. There are way more than five things to recognize, but for now, here’s a worthy start.

  • THANKS for learning there’s more to life than work. Everyone knows that, of course. Yet few people prove it—and too often not having a job is for all the wrong reasons. Work matters. But so do countless other things. Slipping away now and then may be the best way to practice that balancing act.
  • THANKS for the people you meet. Right before I went to Norway for the first time, I asked a fellow Nordic-American (a title not yet on ethnic surveys) who had been there many times, “What’s the best thing about Norway.” He immediately replied, “The people.” With any luck, that’s true wherever you may wander.
  • Thanks for the pretty good habits. A traveler has no choice but to habitually assert, adapt, and accept. That’s not always easy. But such wise practices can become, well, habits! And they sure come in handy…pretty much every day of your life.
  • Thanks for the life-changing thrills. You can’t often sail Caribbean islands, hike Tuscan villages, or eat your way through Asian cities. Yet these delights need not collect mold on the bucket list—and can instead mold your view of the world and of what’s possible.
  • Thanks for coming home again. Getting “the go-homes” before ending a BreakAway can feel like depression meets salmonella crossed with a concussion. But you know you can’t stay away forever, and home works best when it’s a launching pad, not a prison. Anyway, the pain of leaving a magical place eventually turns inside out and morphs into…gratitude.


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