Hey, NYC, Go to MPG Tomorrow Night!

Posted on: Friday, September 19th, 2014
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I love collaborating with the good people at Meet Plan Go and I’m really enjoying cranking out a monthly “Big Boom Roadshow” column for them.  I dedicated my latest verbiage to shameless (but sincere) promotion of their Big Event on 9/20.


So if happen to find yourself near NYC tomorrow night and are plan-free, you’ll thank yourself for joining guru Sherry Ott and friends for an evening of long-term travel inspiration and information.

It’ll set you back all of $99, but it may change your life. Many, many people who have attended Sherry’s (and even my) gatherings have found themselves in faraway lands doing fascinating things within a matter of months. I’m often agog—and even humbled—by the possibility and power that’s generated when like-minded, strong-willed folks come together.

Sometimes we just need a lead, a laugh, or a little kick in the butt. You’ll get all that and more. You’ll leave with your head spinning and your heart flying. High fives to Sherry and the good people at BootsnAll for making this shindig happen.

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