MPG Breaks My Episode of Silence

Posted on: Saturday, May 17th, 2014
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P1080110“I’m returning from my sabbatical from blogging” may be the most common post start out there. Over the years I’ve avoided that line, yet I just fell off the keyboard for a month. But how can you take a sabbatical from sabbatical writing? That’s like using the silence treatment during a vow of silence.

Speaking of, my last entry was, “The Sounds and Sights of Silence.” That must have gone to head and heart. As did the winter that inspired that post and the deep silence that followed it. Weather can be oppressive. It’s hard to overestimate the mass-psycho SAD that happens here with endless winter. A month can slide by like a skater in the darkness.

  • Thank God for Meet, Plan, Go!

They’ve been taking a bit of a blog and event break themselves, yet the good people at Meet, Plan, Go + partners like rtwexpenses keep leading the Career Break movement. And they’ve dubbed me the Boomer Voice and awarded me a monthly column. That’s link luv enough for me. After all, when you’re silent and frozen, such connections may thaw your creative juices and get you moving again.

Speaking of moving, this guest-post reports on trends in boomer travel. “Boomers Are Going Places.” Click, awaken from YOUR hibernation, and ponder where you might go as you enter your later-life years—or tomorrow, for that matter.

Happy sails…

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