WSJ: “Enter the Career Break”

Posted on: Wednesday, December 18th, 2013
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DSC_0619Well, well, well. Just when some might think the Career Break movement has taken a break of its own, the WSJ pumps out a powerful article about Baby Boomers embracing the “Midlife ‘Gap’ Year.”

Read all about it! The 60-year-old couple who escape their routine and sell their stuff and high-tail it to a mountain retreat. The tech exec who takes the early-retirement package and weaves her love of textiles back into her life. The New Yorker who cuts his film career and flies off to three three-month adventures.

Gurus from, Reboot Partners, and more offer tips and stories. AARP provides survey-sez results that verify the profound need for career breaks, since many retirees report disturbing dissatisfaction.

Yet the article reminds us that sabbaticals need not be about African safaris and sailing the seas.

“Sometimes they may do very little,”

writes author Anne Tergesen.

That may raise the question: But isn’t that what unhappy retirees complain about? Maybe. But perhaps the difference lies in the mindfulness, planning, and intention that happens to those committed to BreakAways as a way of life.

And whether you choose to catch up on sleep or climb every mountain doesn’t really matter. The point is to stop off the treadmill. Do what matters. And take your time.


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