5 Things I Hate About Fall

Posted on: Friday, October 11th, 2013
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  • P1060191Too messy. Oak leaves last longer than parchment paper. Just when you finally finish spring cleanup, the trees start shedding again. Who enjoys raking? Nobody who has dozens of old trees within earshot.
  • Too much schoolin’. Biggest buzzkill in the world? BTS. No, wait: Getting a 9-5 (which might mean 7a-10p) job after college; that’s worse. Here’s a great education that you never forget: Hopping the wrong train when somewhere far away, and ending up exactly where you’re meant to be.
  • Too much indoors. Outside feels open, expansive, easy—and the less clothes, the better. Fall puts the clothes back on and the walls in charge.
  • Too dark. 9-21 means the first day of fall, and the first day of darkness impending. Not until six months later do the days get longer again. Fall marks the march into the winter solstice—a day to celebrate, but a lousy day to catch some rays.
  • Too much change. The Beach Boys once sang about Endless Summer. But look what happened to them. Fall’s like a freak show that turns lithe youth into craggy spinsters. Around here, people put away their convertibles and dig out heavy parkas.

The good news is: Autumn offers the best season to leave—to somewhere new. This vagabond has caught trains, planes, and autos for extended BreakAways to everywhere from Florida to Italy and Milwaukee to Auckland.

Does autumn harsh your mellow? Fear not, and listen to those crazy voices within.

Maybe it’s a great time to do the wild thing…

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