5 Fave Photos from 2012 / 1

Posted on: Saturday, December 22nd, 2012
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Moments make memories.

When traveling, taking pictures can be one of the best ways to force yourself to be in the moment. You look harder. You wander bravely. You see more.

Taking a BreakAway—whether for three hours or three months—is all about collecting memories in what can otherwise become a speedy, blurry life. A summer in Tuscany may be remarkable. But sipping the vino locale with new local amici while watching the sun drop behind the mountains: That’s an indelible memory.

Yes, moments make memories.

This pic, which I snapped right in the subject’s face (something I usually shun), brings back the joy, mystery, and magic that is New Orleans. If a picture paints 1,000 words, this one also begs at least 10 questions…

  1. Why, exactly, is that guy smirking?
  2. Is he going to play that violin or just use it as a prop?
  3. Where the hell did he get that dapper hat?
  4. Is that girl embracing him, or pushing him away?
  5. When did the streets of NOLA become car-free and tourist-packed?
  6. What’s that girl on the left sipping out of her Big Slurpee?
  7. What’s everyone smoking?
  8. Why are most of the people so young?
  9. Wasn’t N’Awlins oh-so banjo long before banjo was cool?
  10. Why don’t we all go there more often?

A standing O goes to The Big Easy for recovering from their disaster(s) so beautifully. In an age when natural catastrophes are becoming all-too-common, that’s an inspiration to us all.

Mother Nature can kick ass. But the human body and spirit is strong too. I suggest you go to NOLA someday, and get a taste of her many supernatural sensations.

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