Career Break (Rockers) in the News

Posted on: Thursday, November 8th, 2012
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Following Google alerts for “career break” is a pretty uneventful task. There are a few bloggers and advocates that get the occasional mention. But beyond that, the newsmakers are mostly athletes and celebrities. Today, we focus on rock stars who are choosing to fall away from the stage for a while.

  • When the Scissors Sisters make news because they’re taking a break, we’re like, “Who!?!” Yet, many S2 fans are leaving distraught comments in the blogosphere, though we experienced Breakers suspect it’s mostly jealousy.
  • But that’s not all: It appears the Foos might also be tired of Fighting. Until further notice, they’re breaking from fans, superstardom, and the road. Any music-head worth his ticket-stub collection knows that Dave Grohl may be one of the hardest-working musicians ever, so this one raises eyebrows. Still, more power to Growling Grohl. His potency is astonishing, particulary when you ponder the depressing demise that met his one-time bandmate and BFF, Kurt Cobain—a couple of rock-star lives ago.

Of course, we all know that rock stars are famous for quitting, then lauching a comeback, then collapsing onstage or at the spin-dry center, and then embarking on another comeback tour or two: Cleanse, rinse, repeat.

Even Sinatra made a surprising and stunning exit in the 70s, ending with his famous lyric:

Excuse me while I disappear.”

And so he did. For a while.

Hey, whatever it takes. Career breaks are always good news. And for revered rock stars, a little R&R may is likely just what the doctor ordered.


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