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Posted on: Thursday, July 12th, 2012
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Ask most amateur travelers—like the happy couple I recently met, one Dutch, one Italian—and they may not get all hyped about Copenhagen. Their popular dream destinations remain Paris, Florence, Rome, and other top tenners. When they finally get to the USA, they’ll head straight to New York and San Fran.

But if you met more weathered wanderers, they might get misty when reminiscing Copenhagen. As Euro cities go, it’s as unique as any. Yet the stereotypes more are elusive—unlike a Rome that, once there, may live up to your fervor but also looks a lot like all those images you’ve seen in the media for millennia.

Copenhagen calls with warmth—when you’re ready. And if it the weather happens to be un-warm (we are north, after all), know that this city should own the copyright to “cozy.” And the tolerant, proud, safe mindset thats prevail will inspire even the most jaded traveler.

It’s a great place to get lost—and that’s easy to do!  Here are some more impressions from my precious days in the Old Country…

Art happens. Relentless graffiti notwithstanding, art is like air in Copenhagen; it’s everywhere. This sand sculpture–with a funky performing center behind it–was one of dozens that sprang up for a summer-long competition.
You can get there. The busses, trains, and ferries all run on time, and all over the place. Cars are rare, small, and unnecessary.
The cuisine rocks. New Scandinavian food is taking over the world like the Vikings did back in the day. Here, at Fiskebar, a cool vibe sets the stage for world-class fare, design, and service.
The world’s first amusement park amuses on all levels, with a happy surprise awaiting around every corner.
Danish design defines cool, clean, and funk-tional. ‘Nuff said.
Great brains live(d) here. Hans and Soren remain critical thinkers and writers long after they’ve moved on. You can visit their graves in a beautiful, old cemetery–but they remain understated as can be.
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