11 New! Improved! Ways to Unplug

Posted on: Thursday, February 16th, 2012
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  1. Go to NOLA and become a world-class freeze-mime for tips on Bourbon Street.  Like she did —–>
  2. As Kempt suggests, when out with buddies, stack your phones on the table; the first one to grab theirs picks up the tab.  Party on, Garth!
  3. Same thing with family Sunday Supper, but the grabber does the clean-up.
  4. Escape on BreakAway to somewhere like St. John—a place so captivating (and relatively un-wired) your screens seem superfluous.
  5. Take a road trip with the music so loud you can’t hear your phone.
  6. Speaking of music, ditch that wimpy dock, get a kick-ass stereo again, and get lost in your rock and roll and drift away…
  7. Shhhh…Try—just try—a silence and tech-free retreat on your birthday.
  8. Get so down and dirty in your yard or garden that you’ll ruin that thing if you answer that text.
  9. Head to your neighborhood elementary and read to the kids; if you’d rather be Googling, you’re hopeless.
  10. Drop your phone in the toilet; happens all the time, really!
  11. Or worse, do like so many Minnesotans of late have been doing and go for a drive on this weird winter’s thin ice—and fall through.  (Kidding!)


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