Hang Up and Drive

Posted on: Thursday, December 15th, 2011
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Well, what’dya know.  After thousands of deaths, countless injuries, and enough accidents to make an auto-body-shop owner dance on graves, the NTSB has finally decided that cell phones and driving don’t mix.

“Inattention” is the label they put the problem.  Indeed.  People who choose to be present in conversations (or presenting to groups) often see this disorder in others, but at least no one’s getting hurt.  I’m not one of those government haters—and have driven with phone—but this delayed reaction confirms NTSB’s incompetence.  Shame.

Most states do no better.  And most drivers wouldn’t pay attention to phone laws, to say nothing of cops.  So don’t expect the NTSB’s shocking declaration—or the suddenly-famous reports of 25 dead here, 11 dead there—to change a thing.

So the advice from the NBAB (National BreakAway Board) remains the same:  Unplug.  Drive your car.  Focus on where you’re going.  And whenever possible, transport yourself someplace far away from pile-ups, trauma, and undeserving distractions.

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