Can U Wlk & Txt @ Same Time?

Posted on: Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
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As one of my morning rituals, I walk part-way to the bus stop with my teenage son.  We don’t say much.  It’s early and sometimes dark and cold, after all.  But like the other kids scrambling into the day, mine is often also sporting headphones and texting away.  On this late, lovely spring day, I’m grateful to be somewhat techno-challenged.

  • Can U hr the brds?

Teens tend to be gaga about their pop music, but I’m gaga when the tulips start popping and the loons start wailing.  Of course, wherever you go these days, those springy sounds are often accompanied by the tap-tap-tap of texting.  (No, that’s NOT a distant woodpecker…)

In some ways, that tapping may be an upgrade from the clueless boors who used to bark into their cell phone for all to hear with no regard to the people (or nature) around them.  Evolution works in strange ways.  But I do hope these teens don’t become so digi-centric that they forget to stop and smell the lilacs.

  • How bout a natr brk?

Although career breaks may be out of reach for many people, nature breaks are easy.  So are tech breaks!  And the ink keeps flowing on the healthful benefits of getting off your butt, getting outside, and doing something—anything!  Garden!  Bike!  Build a birdhouse!  Chase some rabbits!

Teens are smart; how else can they figure out all those devices?  Let’s hope they’re also smart enough to take off the headphones, put down the cellphones, and dig some real dirt once and a while.



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