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Posted on: Friday, April 15th, 2011
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DSC_0164Most people admit to fantasizing about a career break, but then claim they can’t do it due to the obvious obstacles—including that they are too busy.  They don’t have TIME.

But if people have so little time to plan their cherished dream, how do they have countless hours to publicize the minutiae of their existence on Facebook?

  • WWMMD?

Miss Manners, that celebrated grande dame of etiquette, recently commented that she does not “like” some elements of Facebook—particularly when self-interested bores feel a need to update the world about their naps, oil changes, and grumpiness.   This Miss Manners follower could hardly agree more.

  • TMI or TMF or WTF?

To be sure, Facebook could be charming—if only one could gather one’s wittiest friends for the occasional connection in the clouds.  But as Miss Manners suggests, FB has quickly become like the cocktail party at which some dullard corners you, gasses you, and won’t stop.

Miss Manners reminds us not just to speak (or should I say “post”), but also to listen (and then, at times, “comment”).  Oh my, what a glorious gathering FB could be if all our “friends” had more to offer the world than, for example, “Get into me.”

One has to be totally besotted with someone else to be fascinated by the mundane details of that person’s everyday life—as indeed, bores are with themselves.”

  • Remember REAL faces—and REAL books?!

Will Facebook remain the new, happening thing ad nauseum?  Or will this trend eventually drop away like the pet rock?  No one knows—not even the divine (though not divinatory) Miss M.

Meanwhile, this gentleman endeavors to limit the time-drift that can transpire when studying “friends’” frivolities on FB, yet keep a well-mannered toe in its curious waters.

One also hopes that, ultimately, we might favor REAL faces, cherish time with REAL friends, and even enjoy a REAL book whenever possible.  Who knows?  Perhaps, with such judicious focus, we might even be able to REAL-ize a REAL BreakAway someday.

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