Quaking in the face of disaster

Posted on: Saturday, March 5th, 2011
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NZ FlagCareer break travel isn’t always postcards and peak moments.  Last week, for example, one couple’s  sabbatical got rocked by a deadly earthquake. Ouch!  Imagine enjoying the legendary beauty of Christchurch, New Zealand, only to see your dream become a catastrophe.

I spent more than two months of glorious Sabbatical time in New Zealand, so this story really popped out at me.  Then, when it turned out that the couple was from Estherville, Iowa, the experience felt even closer to home.  I still vacation near there—and love a certain roadhouse, golf course, and winery on the outskirts of town.

  • Riding the quake out

Fortunately, our BreakAway couple is fine and aim to finish their time in NZ.  That takes some courage, but they’ll also take home some inspiring stories and images from amid the rubble.

They aren’t going to let a little earthquake ruin their sabbatical.”

That’s the risk you take when you leave your home and comfort zone.  Dreams have no guarantees.  And while my breaks have been pretty lucky—nothing more earth-shattering than a head concussion and the occasional jellyfish sting—travel can be treacherous.  Then again, so can staying home.

One mantra of this site is, “You can go home again.”  Many people would.  So high-fives to Travis and Carolyn Ridout for riding the quake out.

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