Is The Wave (Finally) Arriving?

Posted on: Monday, September 13th, 2010
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DSC_0636MeetPlanGo happens in 13 cities tomorrow night, and more than 1,400 dreamers and schemers will gather…  thanks to an unfathomable amount of vision and effort by founders Tara Russell, Sherry Ott, and Michaela Potter.  We can’t thank them enough—and that “we” includes any of you who harbor the dream of a big trip or a career break someday.

See the light? 

MPG is all about making travel and sabbatical dreams come true.  And helping employers see the value.  And letting society know that this is a valid and virtuous path.  In fact, for some of us, this convergence feels like a watershed event.  A shiny light on a gnarly tide.  A moment we’ve been waiting for.  

In this land of bootstraps and cubicles, could enough of us finally be discovering–and demanding–freedom of time??

So lonely on the surfboard…

A wise and wildly successful friend recently said,

Kirk, it’s like you’ve been paddling away on your little surfboard for years—just waiting for the wave to come in.  Well, watch out.  I think I see a huge one on the horizon.”  

Surf’s up—and what an inspirational bunch of surfers are showing up for the ride. 


Like most cities, we are now “sold out” for our Meetup in Minneapolis.  The room will be full of passionate people with great stories, bubbly energy, and stubborn hope.  I aim to Preach, yes, but mostly to Listen, and Learn.

My heartfelt gratitude again goes out to my wonderful panelists—Ross Levin and Leif Pettersen—and to the spirited souls behind MeetPlanGo. 

With any luck, this wave will just keep rollin’.

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2 Responses to “Is The Wave (Finally) Arriving?”

  1. dawn Says:

    I live in south florida beautiful but I would like to get away but money is tight. Im sure there are other people out there who feel the same. Why not allow me to come to your place and you to mine. Im a single person with an extra room for an honest person to stay. Do you know of any organizations where this kind of hospitality is being used?

  2. khorsted Says:

    Hi Dawn,

    Got an extra room? Need an extra room–or even a couch? YES, that trend is riding a nice wave, and it’s called COUCHSURFING. Just google it and you’ll find lots of places to read all about it. Meantime, here are just a few links for a quick overview. Good luck!

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