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Posted on: Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
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DSC_079526% of Americans say they find happiness and fulfillment in their job.

11% feel their job is mostly a drain on their energy and happiness.

60% feel their job primarily serves to provide income so they can enjoy other aspects of their lives. 

Well, well, well.  All is not so well with America’s work force.  Seems like only about ¼ of us actually “like” our jobs.  That’s sad. 

Yet maybe the 60% who work to live (you might say)—rather than live to work—are onto something, if:

  • They manage to maximize time and energy devoted to “other aspects” of their lives.
  • They don’t give up completely, and still believe in better outcomes and career dreams.
  • They avoid letting the work-for-pay-only attitude depress the rest of their outlook.
  • They shun too many long days and weeks, and take their vacations.

This mindset about work can “work” if it enables us to embrace other priorities—sabbaticals, family time, community involvement, relationships and me-time–that make us more whole and complete people.  In fact, I believe we’ll ultimately contribute far more to the world if we are able to disengage from our jobs enough to engage in life in this way.  What do you think?

SOURCE:  Healthy Cos. International

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